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African Hospitality Institute offers a unique destination for mission teams and humanitarian volunteers by its location and mission philosophy of helping people help themselves while engaging hospitality as love in action.  
“Hospitality, true hospitality, is emotionally powerful. It touches something very deep in us – our profound human longing to feel accepted, to belong, to be loved, to feel safe, to be valued and respected.  Hospitality is not something to be proclaimed; it must be lived.”  Peter Morales 
Unlike many other team opportunities, AHI’s approach is a humbling, unplugging, relational experience that will draw you into a deeper understanding of living in community, sharing life with those who live in extreme poverty without creating dependency and facing your own inner poverty while listening to God. Our visitors build relationships with villagers in a primitive rural community, offering a ‘relational–being’ experience rather than the urban, more driven’ task-doing’ approach of many other ministries, AHI creates a refuge of rest for people to unplug from technology, listen to God and learn to love others well. AHI asks its volunteers to receive as much as it gives, offering a glimpse of how equal we all are at the foot of the cross while using hospitality as a sacred art where everyone is welcome at our table. 
Located in an isolated rural village setting out in the bush of Central Uganda, there are no phones, no internet, no TV to distract from why God brought you to Africa. Ekitangaala Ranch, a working dairy farm is an inclusive community of many tribes, many denominations, and many faiths owned by Cornerstone Development, Africa – a 1,000 acre ranch uniting Uganda through similarities in faith rather than dividing through differences while raising up young men and women of integrity. The needs within our ranch community and out in the villages with numerous schools, a high ratio of orphaned children and the cry for more vocational opportunities is endless. Your activities will be intentional, mentoring, often unscheduled and focused on building dignity and helping on another to find the freedom Jesus offers to each of us. 
“The trip was transformational. By the second day I didn’t want to leave. I still wish I could stay at AHI forever. I think spending time with the staff and students of AHI made it harder to leave. They have taught me so much about how to be happy and grateful.”    AHI Guest 
Originally, AHI’s purpose was to support the many visitors to the ranch while providing opportunities for our students to learn practically by caring for mission teams. Our 10 room self-contained guesthouse is operated as close to a 5-Star Western hotel to enable our graduates to secure employment in the best hotels and safari lodges in Uganda. Our grounds have been designed as a haven for our guests to enhance listening to God. The cleanliness will relieve you of any fears. The food is gourmet and the service is among the best in Uganda. Over the years we have come to realize that living within our community has much to contribute to our international visitors - very possibly the Africans have much more to offer our visitors than the visitor have for them. It’s a paradox that creates a life transforming experience for everyone.  
“I just don’t know how anyone can leave this place and not be changed. My problems seem so inconsequential right now. My faith is small next to many people here. Very humbling.”   AHI Guest 
Reservations must be made in advance with the Field Director, Maggie Josiah  [email protected]
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